Spark your creative potential.

We work with extremely busy leaders, founders and impact creators to launch or grow a profitable podcast and content channel in 1-2 hours per month of their time.
The true impact of your leadership is determined by who is following you.
1. Grow a Real Audience
What is the true impact of your leadership? 

If your message is not reaching people in the right way, you might as well be yelling into an empty room.

Working with Creator Spark ensures that your team, customers, stakeholders and greater community actually WANT to follow you, instead of following you out of obligation.
2. That Takes Action
What is your current content effectiveness? 

Have you given a talk, launched a podcast, or tried Instagram only to find that you did not actually get any results? 

Let's align your goals with your message and watch your audience respond in a way that drives serious results in lead generation, e-commerce, your course, non-profit fundraising, or ministry growth.
3. Without Wasting Time
How much does your time matter to you? 

It has become extremely easy to produce content today with advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the Gig Economy and Automation.

To remain competitive in today's environment you must embrace these advancements WITH the right strategy and execution team, or else you will waste years of your time trying to figure it out yourself.

My name is Chris, and I was born for this.

After I hit my rock bottom in recovery, I found God, got sober, and am living a better life because of the power of story.

I quit a high-pressure VP of Sales job and started sharing my story into a webcam and microphone and my own podcast started to take off.

After mastering certain principles about content creation, story, and community, my career was never the same.

I've helped launch hundreds podcasts and content marketing channels for individuals and businesses that have impacted MILLIONS of dedicated followers.

The name Creator Spark came to me while praying about the next stage of this journey.

I'd be honored to meet you.

Every experience is different

We fully embrace your unique content journey. Whether you are an ultra high net worth individual, impact-driven creator, CEO, or leader of a church, we recognize that the way your story is represented is a reflection of you and your reputation. And we take that very seriously.
Choose Your Path
Drive New Sales Through Content

Whether you're a founder that sells or a revenue leader or lead a marketing team tasked with generating leads, starting a Salescast may be your best bet.

Invite your ideal clients as guests on your show and build a community of buyers.
Beautifully crafted content and social media management for established influencers.

You've built your audience from the ground up with authenticity and being real, but you no longer have the time to replicate the things you were doing before that lead to growth.

We are here to serve your community and communicate messages in your voice.
Join a network of high-impact creators that all want to grow.

The Creator Spark Social Club is a newsletter and community of people that passionately pursue becoming the best in the world at our calling.

And we communicate with clarity and influence our networks for positive change in the world.

Applications for membership launching soon.

Don't just take our word for it

”There aren’t enough words to adequately describe Chris Decker. He’s a rockstar podcast producer who is as brilliant as he is compassionate. His standard of excellence matches his integrity…His wisdom, commitment, and talent continually exceed my expectations.As a modern-day Wayfinder, I know that a successful journey depends on the skills and mastery of its navigator. Chris Decker is that navigator!”

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey
National Geographic Explorer | Champion for Diversity and Equity | United Nations Visionary Away Recipient | TED Speaker | Award Winning Filmmaker
Kelly Kapor
"I have been recommending Chris and his services to some of my most cherished friends and colleagues looking to have their stories and content come to life. He is an expert storyteller and delivers beyond whatever is promised. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any of my clients, especially in podcasting and video production."

- Scott Martin
Author | Strategist | Founder Groundswell Origins
Kelly Kapor

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